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Commercial Hot Water Dispenser Sample: ADR Profile Sample Roasters
Our Price: $221.00
Our Price: $3,345.00
Commercial hot water dispenser electric pot in 5 liters


60 kilo: Samiac Cast-Iron Roaster (Complete System) Vacuum Conveyors
Our Price: $73,000.00
Our Price: $8,000.00
60 kilo: Samiac Cast-Iron Roaster (Complete System)
This is a close to new as you will ever see - as it has been used sparingly since new in 2008 and it is now going to be removed to make way for a plant remodel. Designed with a Stainless Steel body and meets the very high hygienic demands of FDA
90 kilo: GP90 Probat - All North American Equipped iFill K-Cup All-in-One System
Our Price: $86,500.00
Our Price: $31,999.00
iFill K-Cup All-in-One System
This machine was the smallest machine in a large Probat Plant and not used even daily - then that Plant moved into a big new building and they never re-installed the machine. Now with a digital touch-screen! ALSO important is that you will have a factory rep on hand to assist with install and training - as this is built into the cost.
Agtron Roast Color Analyzer: M Basic-II 25 kilo: Used Probat and Afterburner . . . $29,000
Our Price: $10,500.00
Our Price: $29,000.00
Agtron Color Meter with digital two-point one-minute calibration to two-sided calibration disk standard. Here is the story . . . owner used this from 1995 till about 1 month ago . . . as it was replaced by another machine.
K-Cup Sealer SM-4 Agtron Roast Color Analyzer: E20-CP
Our Price: $1,500.00
Our Price: $16,950.00
Advanced quick sealing technology. Results digitally displayed. Digital automated two-point self-calibration to two industry standard scales: Commercial Scale or Gourmet.
K-Cup Automatic Sealer (Capacity 3,000 cups/hour) SK-8 15 kilo: Giesen Roaster + CoffeeHouse
Our Price: $45,000.00
Our Price: $133,000.00
3,000 cups per hour! Automatic
completion of empty capsules dropping, filling coffee powder, absorbing
piece film, sealing coffee capsules out from machines.
A 15 kilo Giesen Roster + a GREAT coffeehouse!


22 kilo: Probat All Original Mini Plant

Our Price: $119,000.00

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