Welcome to our website . . . It is a site designed to find and purchase coffee products from the plantation field to the roast to the bagging and sealing of the coffee bags. Please call us with your coffee equipment needs. We can also assist with our consulting services to help with equipment planning and selection in your new or current plant layout for efficient production. Our services extend worldwide.

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We have several warehouses in different parts of the world. . . but our main administrative headquarters is:

1111 Arguello Street, Redwood City, CA 94063 USA

K-Cup Sealer SM-4 Roasted Coffee Storage Silos (Stoner Fed)
Our Price: $1,500.00
Our Price: $9,000.00
Advanced quick sealing technology. Make an offer - as this has to move. Located San Francisco Bay area
Cupping Tray Gas Flow Readers
Our Price: $7.95
Our Price: $150.00
Traditional coffee lab cupping tray. Industrial metal or plastic. 0-10 wc (water column) inches with the connection to your gas line in the back or in the bottom.
Shore Moisture Meter 920 K-Cup Automatic Sealer SM-4
Our Price: $860.00
Our Price: $3,000.00
Calibrated for green, parchment, berries & roasted/ground coffee. Automatic version - advanced quick sealing technology.
120 kilo: Officina Vittoria Bulk Storage
Our Price: $71,400.00
Our Price: $3,000.00
120 Kilo Officina Vittoria Production Roaster, with Loader For Green or Ground Coffee
240 kilo: 4 Bag, Rebuilt Probat R1500R Roaster 60 kilo: Jabez Burns 1931
Our Price: $380,435.00
Our Price: $19,900.00
The whole “package” includes roaster, cooler, two cyclones, destoner and piping. Jabetz Burns 1931 operational roaster.
Gravity Dispensers New Leaf 30 kilo: Used Vittoria Roaster
Our Price: $104.00
Our Price: $28,000.00
30 kilo: Used Vittoria Roaster

Coffee bean gravity bins for mix and match bulk dispensing.

More Info Coming Soon!
Used Mixing System for Ground Coffee 30 kilo: Commercial Joper Cast Iron CRM-30 Roaster
Our Price: $19,995.00
Our Price: $69,185.00
Please Call for Details!
Commercial Joper 30k roaster.
240 kilo: Petroncini plus Entire Plant 15 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Shop Batch Roaster
Our Price: $460,000.00
Our Price: $31,725.00
This machinery is totally in perfect condition - as it was seldom used
and never was in full time production.
Joper Cast Iron Shop Batch Roaster
Used Mira-Pac Late Model Current FFS machine Probat Roller Mill UW201 (Will Be Rebuilt)
Our Price: $99,000.00
Our Price: $31,000.00
Here is a Gem of a modern US made Mira-Pac packaging machine. This will be completely rebuilt as it is going through the Probat 2nd Generation Project!
20 kilo: Antique Used FMT (Pre Scalari) Italian Roaster 3 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Roaster
Our Price: $16,040.00
More Info and Price Coming Soon! JOPER sample and demonstration 1 kilo and 3 kilo models.
Sample: ADR Profile Sample Roaster Band Sealer Limited Duty Left to Right Emboss
Our Price: $3,330.00
Updated Price: $3,300.00
Our Price: $870.00


Band Sealer for coffee bags.
Quad Seal F/F/S Bag-n-Bag "Hotel Pack" Machine 5 kilo: Used STA Roaster
Our Price: $130,000.00
Our Price: $16,500.00
5 kilo: Used STA Roaster
is a special construction Line that inserts most anything into an
attractive Quad Seal Stand Up Bag
5 Kilo STA Used Roaster
Used "New" Bag Sealer and Conveyour 60 kilo: Rebuilt Officine Vittoria by the STA Group
Our Price: $900.00
Our Price: $199,000.00
Updated Price: $179,000.00
More Information Coming Soon!
60 kilo: Rebuilt Officine Vittoria by the STA Group
Custom Adhesive Dome Labels Nespresso Capsule Supply Kit
Our Price: $3,195.00
Custom Adhesive Dome Labels
Put your logo on cupping supplies with vinyl adhesive labels! Capsule Supplies for the Nespresso Sealer
75 kilo: Totally Rebuilt As-New Probat G75 Used Neotec 500 Roller Mill
Our Price: $117,000.00
Our Price: $34,250.00
Will be rebuilt to all your specifications!
More Information Coming Soon!
1 kilo/2 lb. Sonofresco ADR Profile Roaster Used Coffee Equipment
Our Price: $4,345.00
Updated Price: $4,300.00

New & Improved 2014 Model with ADR Profile Software & New Black Casing

This is a total package price . . . that includes all on this list.
120 -150 kilo: Probat "RO500" Full Rebuild in Process 125 kilo: Lilla 2-Bag Coffee Roaster
Our Price: $115,000.00
Our Price: $58,000.00
This roaster is now in Shop undergoing Rebuild! Lilla model Opus-10 CG-10 Smokeless Coffee Roaster built 1995
30 kilo: Used FMT Roaster 5 kilo: Neotec Self-Contained Shop Roaster
Our Price: $25,000.00
Our Price: $37,000.00
30 kilo: Used FMT Roaster
This is a "Project Roaster." Used slightly, Neotec 5 kilo self contained Shop Roaster
20 kilo: Officine Vittoria Working Antique Locking Strips for Gravity Dispensers New Leaf
Our Price: $20,000.00 SALE PENDING
Our Price: $15.00
Located in Croatia. More Info Coming Soon!

To Secure Bins...

Gump Roller Mill - E Head model 66 Nespresso Automatic Sealer SX-6
Our Price: $3,400.00
Our Price: $3,160.00
Grinds between 400 and 800 lbs/hr. Automatic Nespresso - Advanced Quick Sealing Technology!
14 Piece Vintage Espresso Machine Collection K-Cup Sealer Supplies Set
Our Price: $30,000.00
Our Price: $4,690.00
Vintage Espresso Machine Collection
Featuring Vintage 50's & 60's Espresso Industry Items
Supplies for the K-Cup Sealer SM-4
75 kilo: To Be Totally Rebuilt As-New Probat G75 K-Cup Automatic Sealer (Capacity 1,500 cups/hour) SK-4
Our Price: $110,000.00
Our Price: $29,000.00
Will be totally rebuilt to customers specifications. Automatic
completion of empty capsules dropping, filling coffee powder, absorbing
piece film, sealing coffee capsules out from machines.
Nespresso Manual Capsule Sealer SS-6 10 kilo: Refurbished Ambex YM-10 Roaster
Our Price: $1,600.00
Our Price: $12,000.00
10 kilo: Refurbished Ambex YM-10 Roaster
Manual Nespresso - Advanced Quick Sealing Technology! Completely refurbished and new paint - Tested after refurbished!
Food Grade Flavor Mixer Antique Monitor Display Roaster
Our Price: $678.00
Our Price: $9,300.00
Food grade mixer with exchangeable liner/lid; exchangeable liner/lid can be ordered. For Display Purposes Only. . .
30/36 kilo: Trabattoni Wood Fired Roaster Vacuum Conveyors
Our Price: $60,000.00
Our Price: $8,000.00
30/36 kilo: Wood Fired Roaster Designed with a Stainless Steel body and meets the very high hygienic demands of FDA
3.5 - 4 kilo: Used Diedrich IRC-7 Roaster & Afterburner Used Gump Grinding Mill Model 666
Our Price: $22,000.00
Our Price: $7,000.00
3.5 - 4 kilo: Used Diedrich IRC-7 Roaster & Afterburner Used Gump Grinding Mill Model 666
Perfect Condition Small Shop Roaster and Afterburner. More Info Coming Soon!
30 kilo: 2 Rossi POD Machines available in closed plant Astra Double Boiler Espresso DBS
Our Price: $89,000.00
Our Price: $2,900.00
Small Pod Making Plant Featuring 30K Ambex Best machine anywhere for the Control and Cup quality . . . especially for the money!
120 kilo: Probat G120 Roaster Used Packaging Machine: Matrix VFFS
Our Price: $208,500.00
Used Packaging Machine: Matrix VFFS
More Information Coming Soon!
More Information Coming Soon!
Used Silo System - BIG 30 kilo - Refurbished Officine Vittoria Roaster
Our Price: $100,000.99
Our Price: $89,000.00
If you need instant capacity - this may be considered. . .
An entire package - roaster, collector, recirculation!
12 kilo: Used Mobile Coffee House Roasting Plant Upgrade Kit for Pre-2014 Sonofresco Roasters
Our Price: $100,000.00
Our Price: $750.00
Mobile Coffee House

Available for all pre-2014 Sonofresco Roasters

Portable Hot Water Dispenser
Our Price: $185.00
Hot water dispenser electric pot. In 3,4, and 5 liters.


CoffeeTec "Mark It" Profiler Kit

Our Price: $2,499.00
Take Control of Your Roasting with the CoffeeTec "Mark It" Profiler Kit

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