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20-Compak-Elite-K3   0.14 lbs/min Compak Gourmet K3 Elite
20-Compak-K3Touch   0.2 lbs/min: Compak K3 Advanced Touch
20-Compak-OnDemand-E6   0.22 lbs/min Compak On Demand E6
20-COMPAK--K6-Grinder   0.38 lbs/min Espresso K6 Compak Grinder
20-MAHL-K30-Single-Twin   0.4 lbs/min Mahlkoenig K30 Single & Twin & Air Espresso Grinder
19-FETCO-0.5-Gal   0.5 Gallon FETCO Extractor Brewer
20-DItting-Espresso-640   0.5 lbs/min Ditting Espresso Grinder 640
20-Compak-Conic-K10   0.55 lbs/min Compak Conic K10
20-Compak-Fresh-K8   0.55 lbs/min Compak FRESH K-8
20-Compak-OnDemand-E10   0.55 lbs/min Compak On Demand E10 Conic - Also for Pour Overs
20-Compak-OnDemand-E8   0.55 lbs/min Compak On Demand E8
20-Compak-OnDemand-F10   0.55 lbs/min Compak On Demand F10 Conic
20-Compak-OnDemand-F8   0.55 lbs/min Compak On Demand F8
19-FETCO-1-Gal   1 Gallon FETCO Extractor
18-FETCO-1G-XTS-Brewer-CBS2140   1 Gallon: FETCO Touch Screen Brewer
06-1K-Sonofresco-2lb   1 kilo/2 lb. Sonofresco ADR Profile Roaster
06-1K-SonofrescoNonProfile-2lb   1 kilo/2 lb. Sonofresco Non-Profile Roaster
01-1K-JOPER-Roaster   1 kilo: Joper Cast Iron 1 Kilo
000-ProbatDouettRoaster6-11-15   1 kilo: Probat Duett Roaster & Demo Unit
10-DITU-KR804   1 lb/min: Ditting KR804 Coffee Grinder
10-HASG-20Turbo   1 lb/min: HGD 20 Turbo Coffee Grinder
10-MAHL-GH1-Grinder   1 lb/min: Mahlkoenig GH1 Grinder
10-Compak-R80   1.1 lbs/min: Compak Coffee Grinder R-80
10-MAHL-Tanzania-Grinder   1.2 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig Tanzania Grinder
19-FETCO-1.5-Gal   1.5 Gallon FETCO Extractor
18-FETCO-15G-XTS-BrewerCBS2150   1.5 Gallon: FETCO Touch Screen Brewer
10-MAHL-Guatemala   1.8 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig Guatemala Coffee Grinder
10-MAHL-EKK43Dual   1.9 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig Single EK43 & Dual EKK43 Coffee Grinder
18-FETCO-19L-Low-Server   1.9 Liter: Low FETCO Tabletop Server
18-FETCO-19L-Tall-Server   1.9 Liter: Tall FETCO Tabletop Server
06-STA-10K-Roaster   10 kilo: STA Impianti Roaster
06-Trabattoni-10K-LEC   10 kilo: Trabattoni Roaster
06-10-12K-Wood-Fire-Roaster   10/12 kilo: Trabattoni Wood Fired Roaster
10-FPEN-RlrMillRUD10   1000 Lbs/Hour Roller Mill
02-Square-12inch-Sizing-Screen   12 inch Square Wood Sizing Screens & Stack Holders
06-Diedrich-IR-12K-Roaster   12 kilo: Diedrich IR Roaster
06-Probat-12K-Roaster   12 kilo: Probat Roaster (P12)
06-SanFran-12K-25Roaster   12 kilo: San Franciscan - 25 lb
06-120-240K-Wood-Fire-Roaster   120 - 240 kilo: Trabattoni Wood Fired Roaster
000-120K-GothotSilos1-7-17   120 kilo: Gothot and Silos - Totally Rebuilt
000-120K-Gothot-Roaster   120 kilo: Gothot Cast Iron Roaster Assembly Project
06-JOPER-120k   120 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Roaster
000-120kVittoria10-7-15   120 kilo: Officine Vittoria VTR120 Roaster
000-120K-Mini-Plant   120 kilo: Petroncini Roaster with 4 Gourmet-Style Silos
000-120k-Probat-G120-2-28-14   120 kilo: Probat G120 Roaster
000-120k-ProbatNutPlant1-23-17   120 kilo: Probat GN120 Famasur Nut & Seed Plant
000-120k-Trabattoni5-27-16   120 kilo: Trabattoni Roaster
000-15k-GiesenW15AUnused5-9-15   15 kilo: Giesen Coffee Roaster W15A and Selkirk Oxidizer
06-Giesen-Roaster-15k   15 kilo: Giesen Coffee Roasters - 1, 6, 25, & 45 kilo also Available
06-Joper-15K-Roaster   15 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Shop Batch Roaster
06-PESP-15k-TT15   15 kilo: Petroncini TT Roaster
06-15k-Primo-Roaster   15 kilo: Primo Roaster (PRI 35)
06-STA-15K-Roaster   15 kilo: STA Impianti Roaster
000-15k-GiesenW15AUsed5-9-15   15 kilo: Used (Available February) Giesen Coffee Roaster & Selkirk Oxidizer
13-actionpac-lcd-touchscreen   15" LCD Touchscreen
06-15-17K-Wood-Fire-Roaster   15/17 kilo: Trabattoni Wood Fired Roaster
000-Probat-Turbo-Roaster-150K   150 Kilo: Probat Turbo Roaster RZ 1500 kilo per hour
000-17k-SivetzRoaster6-24-17   17 kilo: (1/3 Bag) Sivetz Roaster/Cooler
000-1996FormFillSeal6-28-16   1996 Nichrome Wing Form, Fill and Seal
01-Bunn-Water-Dispensers   2 Gallon + 5 Gallon Hot Water Dispensers
19-FETCO-2-Gal-Twin   2 Gallon FETCO Twin Extractor
000-2GroupRancilio10-27-16   2 Group Rancilio 6S - Used but Like New
000-2k-GoldenRoaster8-31-16   2 kilo: Golden Roaster
06-2k-Primo-Roaster   2 kilo: Primo Roaster (PRI TT)
000-2-VittoriaGrinders5-5-15   2 Vittoria Water Cooled Grinders
10-Compak-R100   2.2 lbs/min: Compak Coffee Grinder R-100
00-20K-Antique-FMT-Roaster   20 kilo: Antique Used FMT (Pre Scalari) Italian Roaster
06-20K-BuhlerRoaster   20 kilo: Buhler Variable Profile Roaster
000-20k-VittoriaRoaster5-29-15   20 kilo: Officine Vittoria Roaster Working Antique
000-240k-Complete-Plant-Probat   240 kilo: Complete Roasting Plant Based on Probat 240 Roaster
06-JOPER-240k   240 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Roaster
000-EasterEuropePlant6-4-14   240 kilo: Petroncini plus Entire Plant
240k-Petroncini11-9-16   240 kilo: Petroncini Roaster
06-PESP-240K-TT240   240 kilo: Petroncini TT240 Roaster
000-240k-ProbatRoaster12-29-16   240 kilo: Probat Roaster (R1500)
000-240k-CoffeePlant5-7-15   240 kilo: Scolari Coffee Roasting Plant
06-STA-240K-MILLENIUM3   240 kilo: STA Roasting System Millenium 3
000-240K-Petrocini-Used   240 kilo: Used Petrocini 240
06-Joper-25K-Roaster   25 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Shop Batch Roaster
06-Probat-25K-L25-Roaster   25 kilo: Probat L25 Roaster
000-25k-Probat10-27-16   25 kilo: Used Probat and Afterburner . . . $29,000
000-Probat1500Plant-5-12-15   250 x 5 kilo Batch: Probat RO1500 Roaster
19-FETCO-3-Gal   3 Gallon FETCO Extractor
18-FETCO-3G-Brewerer-Dispenser   3 Gallon: FETCO Brewing Dispenser
19-FETCO-3-Gal-Teabrewing   3 Gallon: FETCO Iced Tea/Coffee Extractor Brewer
06-Joper-3K-Roaster   3 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Roaster
06-San-Franciscan-6lb3k   3 kilo: San Franciscan 6lb Roaster
000-3k-RoasterMoser9-16-15   3 kilo: US Roaster Corp - Automatic & Profiling Roaster
10-DITU-1203   3 lbs/min: Ditting 1203 Coffee Grinder
18-FETCO-3L-XTS-Brewer-CBS2130   3 Liter / 1 Gallon: FETCO Touch Screen Brewer
18-FETCO-3L-Airpot   3 Liter: FETCO Pump Lever Airpot
10-Compak-R120   3.3 lbs/min: Compak Coffee Grinder R-120
000-30k-Refurb-Officine-Vittor   30 kilo - Refurbished Officine Vittoria Roaster
000-30K-Ambex-Pod-Plant   30 kilo: 2 Rossi POD Machines available in closed plant
06-Joper-30K-Roaster   30 kilo: Commercial Joper Cast Iron CRM-30 Roaster
000-30kDiedrichC30Roast-2-6-17   30 kilo: Diedrich Roaster Model C30 . . . Commercial Heavy Roaster
000-30k-PetronciniRoast1-27-17   30 kilo: Petroncini Production Roaster
06-PESP-30K-TT30   30 kilo: Petroncini TT30 Roaster
06-30k-San-Franciscan-Roaster   30 kilo: San Franciscan 30K Roaster
06-Trabattoni-30K-LEC-BAT   30 kilo: Trabattoni Roaster
000-30k-FuturaRoaster9-31-16   30 kilo: Used Futura STA 30 Roaster
06-30-36K-Wood-Fire-Roaster   30/36 kilo: Trabattoni Wood Fired Roaster
000-35k-Sirocco-Roaster   35 kilo: Sirocco SR 35 Roaster
06-RDG-35K-SR35   35 kilo: Sirocco SR35 Smokeless Roaster
06-360K-Petroncini-TT3602   360 kilo: Petroncini TT3602 Roaster
10-Compak-R140   4.4 lbs/min: Compak Coffee Grinder R-140
000-30kOfficVittoriaSilo6-4-16   40 kilo: Officine Vittoria Classic Totally Rebuilt Roasting (and New Silos) Plant
000-45kBarthBallRoaster8-24-16   45 kilo: Barth Ball Roaster
06-JOPER-480   480 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Roaster
06-Atilla-Roaster6-14-17   5 kilo + Other Sizes: Atilla - the NEW Import Coffee Roaster
000-5k2014DiedrichRoast4-20-17   5 kilo: 2014 Diedrich IR-5 Roaster
06-Joper-5K-Roaster   5 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Small Batch Roaster
06-5k-Primo-Roaster   5 kilo: Primo Roaster (PRI T)
06-Probat-5K-Roaster   5 kilo: Probat Roaster (P5)
06-STA-5K-Roaster   5 kilo: STA Impianti Roaster
000-5k-STA-RE5-Roaster9-16-15   5 kilo: STA RE-5 Convection Roaster
000-5k-AntiqueRoyal1   5 kilo: Working Antique Royal #1 . . . Totally Upgraded & Operating - $16,000
10-Bulk-Platemill-1206   5 lbs/min: Bulk "PlateMill" Model 1206
10-DITU-1403   6 lbs/min: Ditting 1403 or Industrial 1403 Coffee Grinder
10-MAHL-VTA6S3Phase   6 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig VTA 6 (S) RETAIL Plate Mill Grinders
000-60k-Wood-Probat4-4-16   60 kilo: ANTIQUE Wood Fired Probat Roaster PROJECT
06-60K-BuhlerRoaster   60 kilo: Buhler Roaster
000-60k-Has-Garanti-Roaster   60 kilo: Has Garanti Roaster
06-JOPER-60k   60 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Roaster
000-60kPetronciniRoast9-21-16   60 kilo: Petroncini Roaster
000-60k-Petroncini5-2-17   60 kilo: Petroncini Roaster, Loader and Riello Afterburner
06-PESP-60K-TT60   60 kilo: Petroncini TT60 Roaster
000-60k-SamiacCastIron6-4-16   60 kilo: Samiac Cast-Iron Roaster (Complete System)
000-60k-SamiacRoaster8-3-16   60 kilo: Used 1995 Samiac Roaster
06-60-70K-Wood-Fire-Roaster   60/70 kilo: Trabattoni Wood Fired Roaster
000-75k-Rebuilt-Probat-G75   75 kilo: Totally Rebuilt As-New Probat G75
02-RDG-8in Sizing Screen   8 inch Round Sizing Screens
06-8k-Typoon-Roaster2-9-17   8 kilo: Typhoon "Fluid Dynamic" Air Roaster - Slightly Damaged
06-9k-Primo-Roaster   9 kilo: Primo Roaster (PRI 20)
000-90k-GothotRoaster3-30-17   90 kilo: Gothot Roaster - Radically Upgraded & Rebuilt
000-90k-ProbatGG90-6-17-16   90 kilo: GP90 Probat - All North American Equipped
000-65k-Probat-GG90   90 kilo: Probat GG90 Roaster
18-TRAD-acrylic-tank   Acrylic Silo-Tank Section
18-TRAD-acrylic   Acrylic Silos
17-Action-Poucher-109-Series   Action Poucher 109 Series
15-ActionPac-SEAL-E7   ActionPac Band Sealer E7
13-Actionpac Netweigh   Actionpac Netweigh
7-Selkirk-Afterburner12k-15k   Afterburner Thermal Oxidizers for 12 & 15 kilo Roasters
01-RDG-E20CP   Agtron Roast Color Analyzer: E20-CP
01-RDG-Color Analyzer   Agtron Roast Color Analyzer: M Basic-II
15-Saneu-AluminumNespressoSeal   Aluminum Nespresso Sealer
00-EspressoMachine1   Antique Espresso Machine 1
00-EspressoMachine10   Antique Espresso Machine 10
00-EspressoMachine11   Antique Espresso Machine 11
00-EspressoMachine12   Antique Espresso Machine 12
00-EspressoMachine13   Antique Espresso Machine 13
00-EspressoMachine14   Antique Espresso Machine 14
00-EspressoMachine15   Antique Espresso Machine 15
00-EspressoMachine16   Antique Espresso Machine 16
00-EspressoMachine17   Antique Espresso Machine 17
00-EspressoMachine18   Antique Espresso Machine 18
00-EspressoMachine19   Antique Espresso Machine 19
00-EspressoMachine2   Antique Espresso Machine 2
00-EspressoMachine20   Antique Espresso Machine 20
00-EspressoMachine21   Antique Espresso Machine 21
00-EspressoMachine22   Antique Espresso Machine 22
00-EspressoMachine23   Antique Espresso Machine 23
00-EspressoMachine24   Antique Espresso Machine 24
00-EspressoMachine25   Antique Espresso Machine 25
00-EspressoMachine26   Antique Espresso Machine 26
00-EspressoMachine27   Antique Espresso Machine 27
00-EspressoMachine28   Antique Espresso Machine 28
00-EspressoMachine29   Antique Espresso Machine 29
00-EspressoMachine3   Antique Espresso Machine 3
00-EspressoMachine30   Antique Espresso Machine 30
00-EspressoMachine31   Antique Espresso Machine 31
00-EspressoMachine32   Antique Espresso Machine 32
00-EspressoMachine33   Antique Espresso Machine 33
00-EspressoMachine34   Antique Espresso Machine 34
00-EspressoMachine35   Antique Espresso Machine 35
00-EspressoMachine36   Antique Espresso Machine 36
00-EspressoMachine37   Antique Espresso Machine 37
00-EspressoMachine38   Antique Espresso Machine 38
00-EspressoMachine39   Antique Espresso Machine 39
00-EspressoMachine4   Antique Espresso Machine 4
00-EspressoMachine40   Antique Espresso Machine 40
00-EspressoMachine41   Antique Espresso Machine 41
00-EspressoMachine42   Antique Espresso Machine 42
00-EspressoMachine43   Antique Espresso Machine 43
00-EspressoMachine44   Antique Espresso Machine 44
00-EspressoMachine45   Antique Espresso Machine 45
00-EspressoMachine46   Antique Espresso Machine 46
00-EspressoMachine47   Antique Espresso Machine 47
00-EspressoMachine48   Antique Espresso Machine 48
00-EspressoMachine49   Antique Espresso Machine 49
00-EspressoMachine5   Antique Espresso Machine 5
00-EspressoMachine50   Antique Espresso Machine 50
00-EspressoMachine51   Antique Espresso Machine 51
00-EspressoMachine52   Antique Espresso Machine 52
00-EspressoMachine53   Antique Espresso Machine 53
00-EspressoMachine54   Antique Espresso Machine 54
00-EspressoMachine6   Antique Espresso Machine 6
00-EspressoMachine8   Antique Espresso Machine 8
00-EspressoMachine9   Antique Espresso Machine 9
00-Antique-Monitor-Roaster   Antique Monitor Display Roaster

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