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Grinding Mills are available for many different situations. Selecting the right grinder is important for quality and consistency of ground coffee and for the reliability and useful life of the grinder.
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0.18 lbs/min Compak Gourmet K-3 Elite Grinder 0.2 lbs/min: Compak K-3 Touch Grinder 0.66 lbs/min Compak FRESH K-8 0.66 lbs/min Compak CONICAL FRESH K-10
Our Price: $665.00
Our Price: $499.00
Our Price: $1,450.00
Our Price: $1,980.00
Professional grinder by Compak "Elite" model for restaurants, home or hotel espresso areas. FRESH COFFEE grind for the home or caterer. Available in colors. 11-15 lbs/hr Grind the exact amount of freshly ground coffee Same innovative design as the K-8 but with conical burrs.
1 lb/min: HGD 20 Turbo Coffee Grinder 1.1 lbs/min: Compak Coffee Grinder R-80 1.1 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig Kenia Coffee Grinder 1.2 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig Tanzania Grinder
Our Price: $2,700.00
Our Price: $2,250.00
Our Price: $1,710.00
Our Price: $2,100.00
Has Garanti 20 Turbo Coffee Grinder, 110-220Volts, 22kg per hour Created for coffee points of purchase & production up to 1.1 lbs/min. Kenia grinder  great for bakeries, retail shops. TANZANIA, new coffee grinder for retail shop by Mahlkoenig.  Magnetic System.
1.6 lbs/min: Compak Coffee Grinder R-100 1.6 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig Guatemala Lab Coffee Grinder 1.6 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig Guatemala F Grinder 1.75 lbs/min: Ditting KR805 Coffee Grinder
Our Price: $2,475.00
Our Price: $2,599.00
Our Price: $2,599.00
Our Price: $2,495.00
Created for coffee points of purchase- coffee shops, large supermarkets or roaster laboratories. Production of up to 2.2 pounds per minute
Guatemala Lab Coffee Grinder for perfect "one cup". Guatemala F grinds into brew basket as well as the coffee bag. The One Cup grinder for the small to medium size coffee house. Magnetic disc system for safety and efficiency.
1.8 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig Guatemala Coffee Grinder 1.9 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig Dual Coffee Grinder 3 lbs/min: Ditting 1203 Coffee Grinder 3.1 lbs/min: Compak Coffee Grinder R-120
Our Price: $2,449.00
Our Price: $3,595.00
Our Price: $3,995.00
Our Price: $3,225.00
KENIA’s big brother has an especially high capacity. It is extremely suitable for extensive use in coffee shops and for coffee roasters. First grinding discs may be resharpened repeatedly without damage. This double grinder contains two grind chambers for different applications. For instance you may use one side for grinding Turkish-fine mocha and the other one for flavoured or regular coffee. Powerful commercial coffee grinder. Grinder made for high levels of production; capability 3.1 lbs/min.
4.8 lbs/min: Compak Coffee Grinder R-140 6 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig VTA 6 (S ) RETAIL Plate Mill Grinders 6 lbs/min: Ditting 1403 or Industrial 1403 Coffee Grinder 6 lbs/min: Mahlkoenig VTA 6 Retail Refurbished
Our Price: $3,675.00
Our Price: $4,450.00
Our Price: $5,100.00
Our Price: $2,875.00
Mahlkoenig VTA6Factory Refurbished
Grinders made for high levels of production, capable of grinding up to 4.8 pounds per minute.  They are suited perfectly for  use required by coffee roasters and coffee shops that demand high productivity. Fast, and cool retail grinders: 10-20 seconds per pound!. Standard Hopper holds 2.2 lbs (1kg). Optional 6.6 lb (3kg) or 8.8 (4kg) hoppers are available. Ditting 1403 model is best choice for the roaster who is grinding more than 60 lbs of coffee per day. The 1403 uses 220 volt/3 phase. Mahlkoenig factory refurbished 3 phase commercial coffee grinders.
Portion Control: FETCO Grinder Ditting KF 1800 Coffee Grinder Has Garanti 40 Coffee Grinder Mahlkoenig DK15L Grinding Mill
Our Price: $1,145.00
Our Price: $12,895.00
Our Price: $3,850.00
Our Price: $11,100.00
FETCO portion control grinder for brewers. Digital controls. Ditting KF 1800 Coffee Grinder.  Horizontal Grind Flow.  600-780 lbs/hr or 12 lbs per minute. Has Garanti 40 Coffee Grinder-Higher Production Turkish Grind 40 kilos per Hour. Features consistent dribble speed. Rollaway container under grinding belt. Industrial grinder for continuous use. Hopper holds 66 lbs (30kg).
Rolls for Roller Mill Industrial Roller Mill 1000 Lbs/Hour Roller Mill Ditting Grinder Discs
Our Price: $4,000.00
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Our Price: $42,000.00
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Our Price: $25,000.00
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The Spomasz rolls are produced in a centrifugal casting process. This control provides uniform hardness in the rolls' working space (500-540HB) up to depth of 25mm. The latest unique design of the Spomasz Roller Mill that has the capacity to produce 2,000-6,000 lbs/hr. It has three levels of rolls for intensive coffee milling of whole beans. High performance, consistent reliability, great value! This E-1000 Model has three sets of rollers: 1st for uniform feeding, 2nd and 3rd for precise particle size reduction. Ditting new and resharpened discs for Ditting grinders.
Mahlkoenig DK27 Plate Mill Grinders Hammer Mills Joper 180 Grinder Mahlkonig New Disc
Our Price: $18,735.00
Our Price: $5,700.00
Please call for more information
Our Price: $7,200.00
Made for continuous industrial use. Grinding 620-660 lbs/hr. Hammer Mill for coffee, tea, spice particle reduction. Joper Industrial Grinder Capacity 660 lbs/hour If you need Mahlkonig new grinder burrs, please select the model in the drop down menu.

Note: the DK 27 L Cast Steel is temporarily Out of Stock
Mahlkonig Resharpened Disc Compak Grinding Discs Bunn Supermarket Style Grinders (1, 2, 3 lbs)
Our Price: $215.00
Our Price: $885.00
If you need Mahlkonig resharpened grinder burrs, please select the model in the drop down menu.
Replacement Discs for R80, R100/E, R120/E & R140/E Retail and Industrial Grinders Click to learn more about changing burrs.
Bunn Supermarket Style Grinders (1, 2, 3 lbs)